We are looking for an enthusiastic person who likes to work hard for a good salary. This opportunity concerns a function as an apprentice bricklayer! You will be trained by an experienced mason who will teach you everything about the masonry profession. In the beginning your activities will be:

Once you can do this well, the experienced mason will teach you the skills of bricklaying. This includes:

You got it

You deserve it

General information:

  • A private room for €50 per week (see photos on our website) incl. gas, water, light and internet
  • Health insurance for €21.99 per week
  • Salary plus 8% holiday pay
  • Opportunity to take Dutch lessons
  • If necessary, you can get your VCA and forklift certification in your native language
  • We help you file your taxes in the Netherlands
  • We organise evening and Saturday morning programmes for all your questions. You can ask questions about your wages, pay slips, holidays, how to get a house or apartment in the Netherlands, how public transport works, etc.—in short, any question you have about life in the Netherlands!
  • You receive compensation for work travel expenses according to company agreements
  • We provide your work clothing and/or tools and equipment
  • We will help you gain legal residence in the Netherlands if you wish.