For a professional client we are looking for a MAG and/or TIG welder who has experience with welding stainless steel tanks. These are beer tanks, storage tanks and process tanks. The size of the tanks varies and therefore, depending on the size of the tank, you will be working independently or in a team. What you should be able to do: 

You got it

You deserve it

General information:

  • A private room for €50 per week (see photos on our website) incl. gas, water, light and internet
  • Health insurance for €21.99 per week
  • Salary plus 8% holiday pay
  • Opportunity to take Dutch lessons
  • If necessary, you can get your VCA and forklift certification in your native language
  • We help you file your taxes in the Netherlands
  • We organise evening and Saturday morning programmes for all your questions. You can ask questions about your wages, pay slips, holidays, how to get a house or apartment in the Netherlands, how public transport works, etc.—in short, any question you have about life in the Netherlands!
  • You receive compensation for work travel expenses according to company agreements
  • We provide your work clothing and/or tools and equipment
  • We will help you gain legal residence in the Netherlands if you wish.