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Bram Valkenburg

Bram has been in his position at Intro for a while now. Since January 2016, he has been working as a recruiter for “the club”. He is a familiar face at our IJsselstein branch. If you’re looking for work in this area, you may have spoken to him before. These days, Bram also supports Intro EU Staffing with his recruitment skills.

But Bram is more than a recruiter. He is also a Learning & Development Manager. “In that role, I’m responsible for the learning and development of employees who have found a job through Intro EU Staffing with one of our clients or partners.”

He also enjoys learning himself. “I learn a lot in my work. From people, from work, and from processes. It’s great to see someone really blossom.”

In his free time, Bram is also active. “I need to make an effort to relax. I like to do volunteer work in my hometown, I enjoy playing football and (piano) music. I also like to read philosophical, theological, or psychological books. Or books about learning, of course.”