About us

Who are we

As a specialist international division of Intro Personeel, Intro EU Staffing is completely dedicated to provide Dutch companies with reliable and skilled European staff. Since it’s not always possible to find the right candidate from within our borders, we use our international experience to recruit the best suitable candidate for the job, based on skills and qualifications. We believe in sustainability and therefore prefer long-term collaborations.

Intro EU Staffing is specialized in recruiting and selecting Hungarian speaking people from Hungary and Roumanian speaking people from Romania. These people all have English or German as their second language. We understand the cultural differences and manage to deliver an essential contribution to a successful collaboration between our clients and employees.


What we do

Intro EU Staffing takes care of all important aspects of international recruitment:

  • We have a large international network which enables us to recruit the perfect candidate in a timely manner.
  • With Florys Flexpertise, our own specialist payroll administration division, we guarantee that our employees are always paid according to Dutch legislation and applicable collective labour agreements.
  • We use an advanced online timesheet registration system to register worked hours, overtime and request payment of holidays.
  • We speak the native language of our employees and know their different cultural aspects.
  • We offer certified accommodations according to the highest standards (SNF Certification - Foundation for Flexible Housing Standards)


The road to your job

Get in touch with us

Intro EU Staffing wants to help you find your job in The Netherlands.

  • Send us your job application including a complete and up-to-date CV
  • Based on your CV we will contact you in your native language
  • If there is an opening that matches your skills and experience, we will invite you for a personal intake at our office.
  • If you are abroad we can arrange a conference call with you through Face-time or Skype.