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Dear worker from Intro EU Staffing. During your stay here in the Netherlands, you may get questions about certain things. Whether you are working in the Netherlands for the first time or have been familiar with working in the Netherlands for years, we all have questions from time to time. We are happy to help you with questions about the home, working and living environment.

Manual FAQ:
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FAQ’s travel expenses

Whether you receive travel expenses depends on the collective labor agreement in which you work. If you are entitled to a travel allowance according to the collective labor agreement (CAO), you will receive this if you travel from home to work by your own transport.

If you have made an extra trip with the car, you may be allowed to claim these gas costs with Intro EU Staffing. In order to qualify this claim, it is important that:

  • You will be driving in a car facilitated by Intro EU Staffing
  • You kept the receipt for the refueling
  • And that you have proof of the mileage
  • You have made agreements about this with Intro EU Staffing

When filling in your working hours, you may also declare the extra trip made by car. Take a clear photo of the receipt and send the copy to Intro EU Staffing on the e-mail, then keep the receipt safe for any questions from Intro EU Staffing.

The travel expenses that you should be reimbursed can be found on your payslip. If you receive an agreed mileage allowance for work, you will receive your travel allowance in addition to your salary. You can find these under the heading ‘Netto Componenten’ next to ‘Netto Reiskosten woon/werk’.  

See below in an example payslip, where you can find it:

If you can’t find it, it helps to watch this video:

This depends on several factors:

  1. You will NOT get this when you drive an Intro EU Staffing car
  2. Riding with a colleague who does not drive an Intro car will also receive a travel allowance. It is up to you and your colleague to coordinate how you will settle this with each other.
  3. Public transport, see declaring receipts (link to another question)
  4. If you have your own car and use it to travel to work

FAQ’s salary

When you leave employment or you are taken over by the company, you will receive your reservations (including your accrued holiday allowances) within 6 weeks!

If you see on your payslip that your salary is different than usual, it can be for several reasons:

  • Have you been ill recently? Then check ‘Do I get paid if I’m sick?’
  • Have you gone home early from work recently?
  • Has there been a Dutch holiday on which you worked?
  • Did you work overtime?

It can be due to several factors that your salary is different than usual. If you can’t figure this out, send an email to your contact person within Intro EU Staffing, possibly with a screenshot of your payslip.

Do you have questions about holiday pay and how it works in the Netherlands? In the Netherlands, this is probably arranged differently than you are used to. In the Netherlands, you accrue 8.33% holiday pay (from your salary). You can request this holiday allowance if you are free for more than 1 week consecutively. If you stop working, the accrued holiday allowance will be paid to you within 6 weeks, you don’t have to do anything for that either.  

You cannot  have your holiday allowance paid out whenever you want. Your accrued holiday allowance will be paid out with your salary every first week of June. So that’s 1x a year. This is according to Dutch law.   

At the bottom of your payslip, you can see how much holiday pay you accrue next to the heading ‘In money’:

Difference Between Vacation Days/Hours: 

You can take holiday hours yourself if, for example, you want a day off paid. And we deposit holiday money at the beginning of June. You don’t have to do anything. 

This video also explains where you can find your holiday pay:  

Do you want to know what everything means on your payslip? Below you will find a video that makes it clear what everything from your payslip (can) mean: 

FAQ’s Processing of hours

Fill in your hours as soon as possible and then contact your supervisor to approve your hours. When you get paid has to do with when you have to fill in your hours. See ‘When do I have to fill in my hours?’

In our Helloflex portal, you enter your hours. In this portal, you enter your normal hours worked, holiday hours and overtime hours on the left side of the heading declarations. Click on ‘declarations’ and then on the correct week to fill in your hours from past weeks. When you have filled in everything, click on ‘submit’ in the top right corner.

Under the hours, you’ll probably also have the option to specify allowances. For example, to reimburse your travel expenses. Here you will find the agreed travel costs. All you have to do is enter the number of kilometers you want to reimburse!

See the video below that explains exactly how to do all this:

This only applies when you need to fill in your hours in Helloflex. The smartest thing to do is to fill in your hours for this week immediately after a week worked and submit them to your employer. Hours that  have been submitted before Wednesday 16:00 AND have the approval of your supervisor will be paid to you on Thursday. 

If you have worked overtime, worked weekends, worked on Dutch public holidays or work in shifts, you will probably receive an allowance on top of your normal hours.

Please note! Check your contract to see what has been agreed between Intro EU Staffing and the company you work for. In Helloflex, where you fill in your hours, you can see how much allowance you will receive.

Also watch this video about filling in your hours:

FAQ’s Care

In the Netherlands, you are required to find a general practitioner. The dentist is not mandatory, but it can be useful.  

If you are looking for a doctor, it is wise to know which ones are in your area. Here’s what to do here: I’m looking for a – Find and compare GPs in your area. You can also search on Google for a GP in your area.  

If you want more information about finding a doctor, please also check here: Huisarts-What? Going to a doctor in the Netherlands (  

What do you need to register yourself for the GP or dentist? 

  • Health insurance valid in the Netherlands 
  • ID and debit card (for the purchase of any medication) 

basic health insurance covers many medical expenses. But for dental costs and physiotherapy, for example, you take out supplementary insurance. You can do this with the health insurer where you have taken out health insurance. For this supplementary insurance, you often have to pay part of the costs yourself. The more you get reimbursed through the insurance, the more you have to pay for the supplementary insurance (higher monthly premium). 

For your health insurance, it does not matter whether you work in the Netherlands for a shorter or longer time. As long as you work in the Netherlands, you must have Dutch health insurance. This applies to employed or self-employed work, but not if you are posted and have a foreign employer. Do you stop working? Then your healthcare insurance will also stop if it is linked to your employer. If you still stay in the Netherlands, you will still need health insurance. For this, you can take out private insurance.  

Intro EU Staffing can arrange health insurance for you at Holland Zorg: Healthcare insurance | HollandZorg 

It is important to call in sick. Without calling in sick, you will most likely not get paid for the time that Intro EU Staffing does not know that you are sick.  

You call in sick to the company where you work. After that, you also call Intro EU Staffing to tell them that you are sick. This way, both know that you are sick.  

If you have recovered and are planning to work, you should also inform the company where you work and Intro EU Staffing.  

If you are sick and you have reported this to the company where you work and to Intro EU Staffing, you will be paid. Please note!  

  • You don’t get paid for your first day of illness, we call that a waiting day 
  • After the first day of illness, you will be paid according to the agreements that have been made about your illness payments. Most likely you will get 90% paid.  

Also watch this video for more clarity about being sick in the Netherlands:

FAQ’s Living

Then take a look at the website: . Here you can find a report to fill in your complaint.

If necessary, Intro EU Staffing will arrange a bedroom in one of the houses for you. You have your own bedroom, but you share your bathroom and kitchen with others.

The housing regulations indicate which basic tasks you and your housemates are responsible for, as long as you stay in the house. There is no reward in return.

Other jobs within the house and purchases for the house will not be paid to you without the permission of and agreement with Intro EU Staffing.

So for example, if you really want to add something to the house, you make a plan and inform EU Staffing about your plan. If you discuss this with the team of Intro EU Staffing there may be an agreement to claim costs.

Yes, you have to register yourself in the Netherlands to come and work. Intro EU Staffing takes care of this for you! If you want to do this yourself or have a question about this, you can register yourself in 2 ways:

  1. As an inhabitant of the Netherlands

If you are staying at a Dutch address and have been here for more than 4 months, you are required to register as a resident. You can do this at the town hall of the place where you live. You will be registered with the BRP. After this, you will receive a BSN number. This is important to pay your salary.

2. Or as a non-resident of the Netherlands

You do this if you live outside the Netherlands and keep your address here. You can also do this if you do not come to work in the Netherlands for more than 4 months. You then register for a temporary stay in the RNI registration. Follow this link to know everything about RNI registration: Hoe kan ik mij inschrijven in de Registratie Niet-Ingezetenen (RNI)? | NederlandWereldwijd

Applying for a DigiD: 

Once you are registered, it is important to apply for your DigiD. You need this to arrange matters with the government, educational institutes, health institutes or pension fund.  

You can apply for your DigiD here:  

To create your DigiD account, you will need the following information: 

  • BSN number 
  • Your passport  
  • Mobile phone number 
  • E-mail adress  

It is very useful to add the DigiD app on your phone. Check the video below to add the app: 

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